Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A little pause: Class recommendation

Due to my work I had to move from Costa Rica into Houston, US; and with this I couldn't take my robot with me. I'll be in this new location until March 2013, so in the meantime I've been taking an online class of Machine Learning at Coursera (www.coursera.org). .

The class has been truly amazing, the teacher (Andrew Ng) has a great way to explain things without losing focus on the big picture, so you always understand why they are useful for. He also explains everything without assuming you know things, so you don't get lost in the subject. It's been a great experience and I strongly recommend you to take this class; it's like learning Kung-Fu for robots, I have a lot of ideas about how to apply it into my robot.

Also in the meantime, I'm trying to run a half-marathon...  


  1. Hey JC,

    Nice! Which class is it exactly?
    Kudos to you!


  2. Hi Giancarlo, it was Machine Learning class ( https://www.coursera.org/course/ml ). I highly recommend it, you learn a lot of AI stuff in a practical way!