Monday, January 9, 2012


First of all a little background about me: I have been a technology fan during all my life. I have a BS in electronic engineering and I worked for semiconductor industry for 5 years. Now I'm working on automation of processes for several industries.

Why do I want to write a blog about my experience with robots? Well I'm a robotics enthusiast, I’m always looking videos, reading webs, papers and anything related to robots; but now my intention is to pass from being a fan to become a real developer, and I want to document that journey here. I do believe that documenting is crucial in knowledge building, it also increments exposure and consequently networking with fellow enthusiasts.

What is my one year objective? Initially I want to become confident on current robot tools and techniques, starting with hobby parts and controls, then moving to more advanced projects and finally creating cutting edge projects (hopefully documenting them through papers and submitting them in well-known forums). Sometimes projects may look simple to the naked eye but I do want to embrace them with a research orientation, focusing on obtaining well documented and reproducible results rather than how visible the robot may look.

What is my long term objective? On the next years I want to pursue a post graduate degree on robotics with a research emphasis. Then my dream is to get a job in robotics, uniting my passion to my career. Someday I read that if you are doing what you love, success comes for default; so I’m looking forward to go through that path.

I kindly invite you to follow me through my posts and feel free to send a message for any question or suggestion (

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Juan Carlos Brenes


  1. hi my name is raheel and im mechanical engineer
    and i am doing work at robotics
    i need some help on inverse kinematics

    i am doing a project of industrial robotic arm with 6DOF and i need complete solution of it in excel file if you can do and you are sure that you can do it so you can contact me at this address

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  3. hello
    I am Ruchira Deb.
    I am a engineering student and our college is going to participate in a robotics contest and we need some help in inverse kinematics concept. It would be very kind of you if you could help us regarding the arduino code and some of our doubts in this topic.

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